When you die. . .

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Kid’s Chruch

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The Cross

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Thanks be to God for He truly is working a greater love in me and delivering me from fear and rejection. As well, working in me such a hatred for sin and evil and a greater love and regard for the cross. The cross, that Jesus bore our sin upon and died a gruesome and humiliating death. I am seeing in a much greater way the beauty of the cross. It is central and life giving. Although in the natural it is gruesome and life taking. It is the place where sin, death, selfishness and fleshly desires are crucified. The place where life, forgiveness, newness of life and love are found. It is the place where we too will find the grace to die to ourselves and become alive in Christ. It is this message, the message of the cross that every child, youth and adult must receive to become truly free. Sadly, the cross is often what is bypassed by religion and religious groups, some even claiming to be the church, deceiving many. Having a form of godliness but denying its power, they become enemies of the cross and of God(2 Tim 3:5). That power is in the cross. That power must be preached to this world and this generation. Nothing else will save and set free.

I am seeing in a new and fresh way how the message of the cross, in its beauty, truth and rawness is the only hope for this generation. From the children all the way up to the elderly, we must ruthlessly reject and renounce the spirit of the antichrist (1 John 4:2-4), the spirit of religion and fully embrace the cross of Christ. We must also than, embrace our own cross and allow our flesh, lusts, selfishness, pride and our own will die. To be crucified and buried once and for all (Gal. 2:20). HOSANNA(Lord come save now) now, do or die. We, as a generation, have the opportunity to live this and really walk as Jesus did in the earth. That is the hope of our calling. Look around and see how the North American’s “form of godliness without power” has NOT been successful in saving this generation. Think about all your friends and people you know who grew up in the church. How many of them are still there? Still serving God with all of their heart and all of their strength? There are less true born again Christians in the church today than ever before. The compromise of the cross and the true gospel must end right now. Our generation, like never before, needs the cross, the truth and the gospel of Christ. We need Jesus like never before.

Father, thank you for the grace to embrace Your cross, to completely die to ourselves (John 12:24) and begin transforming our generation with Your true message. Thank you for Your mercy on this generation Lord. You will not leave us nor forsake us (1 Kings 8:57). All we have is You. May the cry of our generation be: “take the world and give us You, take our lives and give us Yours”. May we deny ourselves, pick up our cross and really follow You (Matt. 16:24). To the praise and glory of Your Son Jesus, that He may have the prize of His suffering .

Take a Look at My Life

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He Saved Me from So Much

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Sometimes I really do forget just how much Jesus has done for me. During the day to day routine and busyness of life, it is easy to forget and even take for granted so great a salvation. I just want to say how thankful I am that Jesus came and found me in the darkness to set me free to walk in the light. I was just reading in Luke 8 about the demon possessed man that Jesus delivered, that lived in the tombs of Gadarenes. The man was delivered of a Legion of demons that were driving him and obviously causing him great torment and suffering. This man is said to have begged that Jesus take him with him. Jesus said that he was to stay in his own country and go back to his home and to go and tell everyone in the region all He did for him.  As I read this, it struck me how simple and profound this was. This man, having been set free from his bondage and forgiven of all his sins, was so thankfull and so full of love for the Lord. He goes into his country and tells everyone what Jesus did for him. Sometimes as a Christian, I forget that simplicity, of just being so thankful and so full of the love of God that you are just compelled to go and tell as many people as you can what Jesus did for you and what He can do for them too! I know in my own life this is true, He has done so much for me, faithfully even when I didn’t even notice or care. He took away confusion and gave me a sound mind, He gave me joy in the place of mourning, He gave me purpose and destiny in the place of depression and heaviness of heart. He healed me of fearing rejection from man. He opened my eyes to the truth of His redemption. He set me free from addiction, He gave me hope and peace when I had none. He has saved me from so much. I am so thankful to Him. I want the whole world to know how awesome and good our God is. I want the whole world to know what Jesus has done for me. I want the whole world to know Jesus loves them and can forgive them and heal them, deliver them, free them and give them purpose.


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I will be using this site to do a number of different things. All having in some way to do with me, with the purpose of sharing information, updating you on what I have been doing and to allow you to share in my life’s experiences. Thank you for coming by!

God bless,


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